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Falcons Hiring Folmer Colts GM Chris Polian

Fact: this is a picture of Chris Polian's dad
Fact: this is a picture of Chris Polian's dad

Don't worry - The Comrade isn't going anywhere. But according to a league source the hiring is imminent.

The Falcons are set to announce the move Monday, the source told

Polian was fired by the Colts in January after serving as general manager since 2009. His father, Bill, who had been working in the Indianapolis front office for 14 years, most recently as vice chairman, was also fired on the same day following the conclusion of the Colts' 2-14 season.

This move makes sense. David Caldwell - the guy who took Les Snead's job when Snead was hired as the Rams GM - was a member of the Colts organization until 2007. Obviously Polian was with the Colts then as well. While the Colts were pretty bad last year, you can't really put that on Polian. That team needed a healthy Manning.

To be frank, after the Falcons announce this hiring tomorrow, it's unlikely that we'll hear Polian's name again.