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Best Tight Ends Still Out There

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From our threads throughout the weekend, I know the majority of you are disappointed the Falcons didn't pick up any tight ends in this year's draft. There were a couple guys who would have made nice additions behind Tony G on the depth chart, but there's no need to panic right now.

Several project TEs are still waiting for someone to give them a call. Again, project is the key word here. Aron White was rumored to have signed with Atlanta, but he's recently denied said allegations. Adam Nissley of UCF is also in the mix. He's not really much for catching the ball, though.

Let's look at the best remaining from the list of the undrafted. Maybe one of these players could flourish into a nice addition for Matt Ryan. Keep in mind everyone below needs a ton of work, so temper your expectations.

Kevin Koger, Michigan: An untimely/unfortunate injury hurt his chances of being drafted. Koger suffered a torn Achilles back in March, and it looks like he won't be ready to get back on the field until September at the earliest. Almost every report I read on this guy listed him with huge upside. He's got long arms, big hands and pretty good athleticism in general. They would have to see how he's recovering, but I wouldn't mind the Falcons picking him up, pending health reports.

Josh Chichester, Louisville: Speaking of project, this one fits that bill perfectly. He didn't see a whole lot of action with the Cardinals, but at 6'6" he's a huge target who's hard to miss. Chichester has room to build with his frame as well. It would be quite some time before he's ready to make any kind of impact. Practice squad?

Beau Reliford, Florida State: He didn't start playing football until his junior year of high school. Reliford is a former hoops star, which we all know apparently correlates well to playing tight end in the NFL these days. At 6'5", 256 lbs. he has the size and strength to be an effective blocker, but his hands aren't anything special. Another work in progress.

Blake Ayles, Miami: This story is still a little hazy to me. Ayles was the No. 2 TE recruit coming out of high school in 2008. He went to USC for three years, then transferred to Miami for his senior season, where he was allowed to play immediately due to all the violations the Trojans dealt with.

Ayles didn't play as a senior for the Hurricanes due to a concussion he suffered in training camp. I honestly have no idea what's going on with him today, as he's a hard man to find information on. I'd be interested to see what he can do. He's been plagued by injuries throughout college, so durability obviously is an issue.

Thoughts? Have anyone in mind that I failed to mention?