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Falcons Waste No Time Picking Up Undrafted Free Agents

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It took all of an hour for the Falcons to start signing undrafted free agents.

Here's a great list from SBN Atlanta. A lot more names here, so be sure to check it out.

According to Twitter reports from the players and sources close to them, the Falcons have signed several UDFAs to the team. There's interesting names on this list, including one guy who might be fighting for the kick or punt returner job this summer. There's a ton of athleticism in this group, too.

Here's a quick look at who has been signed. Take this list with an enormous grain of salt, given that every single one of these is completely unverified: The last three were cribbed entirely from the excellent Knox Bardeen's list.

TE Adam Nissley: University of Central Florida tight end. Hell a blocker, not much of a pass catcher.

Tyler Horn: Ranked in the low teens for centers in this draft, Horn is a 6'4", 298 pound Miami prospect. Athletic for a center.

WR/KR Cody Pearcy:A 5'10", 162 pound prospect out of Huntingdon, Pearcy has truly amazing speed and agility. He'd need significant seasoning to be a decent wide receiver, but his speed makes him an extremely intriguing prospect as a returner.

QB Dominique Davis: Talk about athleticism. Davis is a fast quarterback (4.58 40!) with good size (6'3", 221 pounds) and a good arm to go with those crazy legs. The Falcons could consider carrying him as their third quarterback or a practice squadder with an eye on making him a backup quarterback and interesting weapon in the passing game. Very, very intriguing signing.

S Chad Faulcon: In addition to have the most Falconly name ever, Faulcon has decent athleticism and was very productive at Montclair. Competition for the safety mill, particularly since the Falcons aren't particularly deep at the position.

OLB Jerrell Harris: An Alabama product, Harris has pretty good size and decent speed. He was only a part-time starter with the Crimson Tide, so this is really an upside signing.

TE Aron White: A smart Georgia tight end and backup to Orson Charles, White was a huge red-zone threat in his years as a Bulldog. At 6'4" and 239, he's a bulldozer. If he can block, he may just carve out a role on this team. Aron White has denied that he's signed with the Falcons. Off the list.

WR James Rodgers: A mighty mite wide receiver, James is also Jacquizz Rodgers' brother. Don't know much else about him.

G Phillip Manley: A giant guard at 6'4", 330 pounds, Manley offers up another big body to compete for a spot on the offensive line.

LS Josh Harris: A quality athlete, the Auburn product was the draft's top-rated long snapper. It's possible he could fight his way onto the roster instead of Joe Zelenka, I suppose.

LB Patrick Schiller: Love this signing. A 6'2", 235 pound Northern Illinois University middle linebacker, Schiller was a tackling machine in college. Hopefully he'll be the same thing in the pros.

Nothing will be confirmed tonight and possibly not even until Monday, but ruminate on these potential signings and tell us what you think.