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Falcons Select DT Travian Robertson in the 7th Round

Gimme that twinkie!
Gimme that twinkie!

It's over. It's finally over. And with our last pick, The Comrade nabbed us some DT depth. I won't lie, Robertson is a project. He needs work, and he may find himself on the practice squad. Not a lot of information on him, so if you're a SEC football fan, please feel free to chime in.

Here are his biggest strengths:

  • High motor and hard working
  • Garnered the title "Mr. Consistency" his sophomore year
  • Strong like bull
  • Good character/leadership potential
  • If the scheme fits, then he can flourish; if it doesn't, then he may need to fall back on that Criminal Justice degree he just earned

Here are his biggest weaknesses:

  • His fundamentals aren't so fun
  • Struggles with his initial hand placement
  • His numbers will never impress and he rarely sees the backfield; he's the type of player you pay to keep an interior lineman busy
  • Some durability issues during his high school career - he missed most of his junior year after tearing his ACL
  • Gets engaged too easily - all you need is a twinkie and 49 cents to keep him occupied

We needed DT depth and Dimitroff just tried to get us some. If he pans out, then I'll be happy. If he doesn't, then no big loss.