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Falcons Select Wisconsin Center Peter Konz in the 2nd Round

Fact: Peter Konz's head is as long as it is wide
Fact: Peter Konz's head is as long as it is wide

So we have our center of the future. That's nice. What the heck happened to Crumpler? He got a lot more crumpy since his retirement. But I digress.

Konz was a solid selection. He's the best center in this year's draft, and many mocks had him going in the 1st round. I'd imagine the Falcons didn't think he'd fall so far. He's 6'5 and 314 lbs; fairly tall for a center. Ryan is 6'4 though, so don't expect any problems there.

Here are his strengths:

  • 30 starts in college
  • He's very football intelligent and he's a high character guy (he wrote an apology letter to Wisconsin fans after he decided to leave after his junior campaign - then he took 18 credits this spring so he could graduate early)
  • Good footwork - and he's quick
  • He's a tough, aggressive, persistent blocker with good leverage
  • He's versatile; expect to see him cross-trained at guard

Here are his weaknesses:

  • He's not the most athletic OL if he can't get into open space
  • He's not very durable - he's missed time each of the past three seasons
  • Given his height, he has to make a conscious effort to stay low
  • Not very explosive
  • Some scouts questioned his strength after a lackluster bench press total at the combine

I'm pleased. This isn't a splash pick by any means. He may not usurp McClure this year, and if he doesn't, that's totally fine by me. We just added some real talent to our offensive front.

What are your thoughts about the pick? Discuss!