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Best Potential Falcon(s) Remaining

Fact: Smitty has laser vision
Fact: Smitty has laser vision

Day one of the NFL draft has come and gone. There were some surprises. There were some moves that induced head scratching. Cleveland drafted a 28-year-old QB with our first rounder. We laughed, we cried, and the Falcons weren't involved.

But alas, tomorrow is a new day. And - barring a nonsensical trade - we will welcome at least one new Falcon in less than 24 hours. It's like Christmas Eve! Ya know, without the liquor and yelling.

That said, there are A LOT of great players still available. Interestingly, no team picked a TE today. My best case scenario? We trade up and nab Fleener. By now y'all know I have an enormous man crush on him.

For some odd reason - I kid! I kid! - I'm curious what the Falcoholics think. Who do you have your eye on? What moves are you expecting in the coming day? Comment early and often folks. Ready? Set? Go!