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Falcons Fan Poll: What Position For The Seventh Round Conditional?

Well, there goes the seventh rounder. Totally worth it.

Yesterday's poll is now defunct, but the Falcons have sewn up their cornerback corps for 2012 by getting Asante Samuel, and only used their seventh rounder to get it done. That leaves the team with five picks total.

In the polls we've done so far, the Falcons have taken an offensive lineman, tight end, and two of the best players available. Now, with their last pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, they're going for...well, I don't know. You haven't told me yet.

So let's open the voting and have you determine what position the Falcons will target with this pick. Will it be a polished but troubled young offensive tackle? Or will it be a raw but exceptionally gifted defensive end? Or will it just be whichever guy is floating on top of the murky water that is the late seventh round?

Vote away!