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Falcons Trade For and Sign Asante Samuel

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Here's the proof. The Falcons have signed Asante Samuel to a 3-year, $18.5 million contract as part of the trade with the Eagles.

This is big news. Samuel took a pretty big pay cut to play for the Falcons. The pick that was traded hasn't been confirmed, to my knowledge, but the Eagles only wanted a late-round pick and the only real holdup was the contract negotiations with Samuel.

We get a ballhawking playmaker at DB who is undoubtedly on the downside of his career, but still has enough gas in the tank to be a solid DB for us for the next couple of years. As has been said many times previously, no one has had as many interceptions and Pick-6's as Samuel has before the age of 32, so you know we're getting someone who could really turn the tide for our secondary. Samuel also has a lot of playoff experience as well as a couple of Super Bowl wins with the Pats.

Looks like we got our guy. How do you feel about the signing?

UPDATE: SB Nation twitter feed saying Samuel traded for just one 7th round pick. Are you kidding me? Steal of the century!