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Falcons Quote of the Day: Crumpler Will Announce Our Second Round Pick

Jay Adams broke the good news a few hours ago. Good news indeed!

Throughout NFL Draft weekend, beginning Thursday, 33 former players will take to the stage and announce a pick for a team they once played for. When the Falcons make their first selection of the 2012 draft at No. 55 overall, Crumpler will be the one to announce it to the world.

In case you forgot, Falcons legend Jesse Tuggle announced the Akeem Dent pick last year. If Dent is our MLB of the future, it'll be hard to forget that Tuggle formally introduced him as a Falcon. Hypothetically speaking, if we draft our TE of the future this season - I'm talking to you Coby Fleener! - the same would hold true.

Alge was a helluva player, and his selection is well deserved. Not sure who coordinated this, but way to go whomever you are, you've done us proud.