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The Number One Reason The Falcons Will Draft Best Player Available

There are many reasons why the Atlanta Falcons will likely eschew a need-based draft philosophy this season.

Arguably the best one is this: The Falcons have built a team that's largely locked in, as far as starters go. There's some questions about the strength of the offensive line and defensive line, for that matter, but the Falcons seem to think they have a pretty good team. Most any rookie they draft is going to have a hard time cracking the lineup.

Targeting a particular position early on thus doesn't make a lot of sense, because you're not looking for key reserves. You're looking for starters. I'm not saying that if a quality left tackle miraculously falls into the team's lap that they would pass it up, but that doesn't appear to be particularly likely.

Instead, the Falcons are likely to go for the best available player at virtually any position but quarterback. There will be potential offensive playmakers and high-upside secondary types available by the time the Falcons pick, more than likely, and this is a team that could use that. So they very well might go for a Brandon Boykin or a David Wilson if they're there in the second or third rounds, because getting younger, cheaper and perhaps better production out of any spot on the roster should be the team's ultimate goal. I think we'll truly see a BPA draft this year.

Do you agree, or do you think the team is already locking in on a particular position?