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Falcons Quote(s) of the Day: Dimitroff Should Play Poker

Why? Because he can bluff with the best of them.

If you haven't heard, our GM hosted a pre-draft press conference today. First, that's pretty cool. I know other franchises do it. But I like the fact that we do it. The Comrade isn't stupid. He knows the Falcons fanbase is less-than-content with our off-season. Taking time to discuss the upcoming draft may not appease masses, though it is undeniably a step in the right direction.

"Far be it for us to move around in the draft," Dimitroff said, tongue planted firmly in cheek ...

"I do believe we are in a spot right now with our roster that if we feel that, if in fact we remain at (pick No. 55 overall), we believe that we will definitely acquire a player that’s going to be very beneficial to our roster"

"We have dialed in on certain players at a number of positions that we would consider moving up for"

Look, maybe he's not perfect. 32 draft picks into his tenure, I'm satisfied. Granted, I'm an enormous homer. But at least I admit it!

26 of his draft picks are still on the team. Nearly half of his draft picks have started or played an important rotational role. His o-line picks have some work to do (I'm talking to you Garrett) but they still have time to prove themselves. Peria Jerry is a joke, and Sam Baker needs a comeback like Tyson needs laser tattoo removal.

Meanwhile, Dimitroff isn't tipping his hand one bit. And I really dug the moxy he was sporting today.