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Which Matt Bosher Will Show Up In 2012?

The Atlanta Falcons had a spot of misfortune and incredible good luck with Matt Bosher in 2011.

The beginning of the season saw Matt Bosher turn in a nightmarish stretch. He shanked punts, he managed like 20-30 yards on punts, he generally did not want to make us give him awesome nicknames. It was a dark time for Falcons fans.

Then, all of a sudden, the light flicked on. Bosher was one of the ten best punters in the NFL over the second half of the season, showing off the booming leg that got him drafted in the first place. Even better, he showed an ability to punt directionally that simply wasn't there earlier. He looked, in short, like a guy the Falcons might want to keep around a while.

The question we all have to ask ourselves right now is this: Which one is the real Bosh Hog? I tend to believe that the lockout and rookie jitters were the biggest factors in Bosher's early-season quagmire of fail, but perhaps Bosher is slow to start. Stranger things have happened.

Personally, I'd like to believe he turned the corner during that wild stretch in the second half of the season when he was averaging something like 45 yards a punt. I certainly think the talent is there to build one hell of a career. Do you agree?