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Falcons Quote(s) of the Day: Yasinskas Addresses the 2012-2013 Schedule

I know several Falcoholics have mixed opinions about Yasinskas. He's off-base on occasion, but generally speaking, the man is a decent columnist.

Here's an article he wrote about our upcoming schedule. He had this to say:

The people who made the schedule played it right down the middle on the Falcons. Amazingly, the Falcons don’t play back-to-back home games or consecutive road games all season. They alternate between home and road games all through the season.

This will be the second consecutive season the Falcons have been featured in four prime-time games. This gives Atlanta a chance to really raise its national profile to the highest level in franchise history.

Both observations are on point and noteworthy. An alternating schedule will cut both ways. While the next home game is always in sight, away games every other week means no rest for the weary.

As to the prime time games, I welcome that. Either we shine or we don't. Certainly hope it's the former.