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Difficult Questions: Is Chris Redman Good Enough?

Rojohombre (during a pre-season game): Coach! Coach! Shouldn't Matt come back in?!?!
Rojohombre (during a pre-season game): Coach! Coach! Shouldn't Matt come back in?!?!

Given the franchise's recent success, it's all-too-easy to let our homerism get away from us. That buck stops here. In this series, we pose some difficult questions. And you, the faithful, Falcohol-chugging masses, help us answer them. Or something like that.

To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about Rojohombre. At times, I think he's the best backup in the league. And then - when I come back to Earth - I realize just how frightening a Matt Ryan injury [frantically knocks on wood] would be.

He was a great addition in 2007. When we signed him, I really dug his story. I figured if anything, he could provide some free or low-cost painting services at Flowery Branch. After all, those front gates do need a fresh coat 2-3 times a year. But it's 2012 now. Our competition isn't getting any easier, and weather-resistant paint has come a far way.

With the addition of Koetter, I thought the Falcons would go in a different direction. New terminology, new packages, et cetera. In my mind, it was the perfect opportunity to look to the future. Notwithstanding my preference, the team decided to keep him around for 2012-2013.

To be honest, he's not done much of anything since 2009. Between 2010-2012, he attempted 34 passes. 34 passes?! In 2009, he started two games. His record as a starter is a paltry 1-5.

Because he doesn't play very often, it's tough to really gauge his ability. The team seemingly thinks he's the best option. I'm an outsider, and so are you, so we can't exactly question that determination. But we will try!

Curious what y'all think. Is Redman the answer? Is this his last season as a Falcon? Discuss!