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Trading Picks?

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We're all very aware by now of the monumental trade the Falcons made last April to the Cleveland Browns, and if you're not, I'm not really sure where you've been for the past year. Atlanta gave away five picks to move up to the No. 6 spot and grab Julio Jones, leaving us without a first or fourth-round selection for 2012.

It was a rather polarizing event, and remains a questionable move to some critics/fans today. Dave reported the news after last season's draft and it caused quite the commotion on the message boards.

With our focus shifted towards April 27, draft speculation continues to venture to new limits everyday. Recently more talk has come up about the Falcons trading picks again this year, so I figured this was a perfect opportunity to create even more of an uproar.

Atlanta will not be on the clock until pick No. 55, which doesn't sit well with some fans. There certainly could be a few players available with that pick who could make a solid impact in 2012, but there's no assurance the Falcons will get any of the prospects they're hoping for.

Suggestions have been made that The Comrade should wheel and deal his way up into Round 1. If this were to occur, several stipulations would have to be enforced:

  • The player traded up for should be at a MAJOR position of need. No moving up for a QB, RB, WR, etc. (obviously).
  • Don't reach for someone who just has big upside. I want a player who is already dominant at whatever position he plays.
  • Finally, no, we're not getting Andrew Luck or RGIII, so don't ask.

To make it into Round 1, Atlanta would have to break into next year's stash of picks, unfortunately, a fact a lot of people aren't on board with. Trading up could allow the franchise to walk away with a promising star destined to lead the team into the future i.e. Julio, but it could also decimate next year's draft.

If they keep following this trend, how long will it be until we head into a draft with a full arsenal of selections?

The are so many scenarios that could play out with a trade, so I'm not going to go through and list option after option. Ultimately, if the Falcons see the need to trade up for a player they really love, I would rather see it happen in the early stages of Round 2. I can't advocate trading into the first round unless it's for a player with ridiculous skills, like Matt Kalil (who would cost a fortune).

Moving up into the first half of Round 2 could allow the Falcons to grab someone with a high ranking who might slipping down the boards, but there's no telling what the price will be. I want to hear your thoughts. Would you be okay with trading up for an impact player, or is this notion completely out of the question?