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Brent Grimes Will Not Report For Off-Season Program Today

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According to Jason La Canfora, Brent Grimes will not be attending off-season programs when they start today.

UPDATE: Just to clear this up, the Falcons won't begin off-season workouts in earnest until next Monday. This week is team meetings and a few lighter workouts and is, as I mentioned, voluntary. Other players also will not be in town today, and the only reason I singled out Grimes for this particular post is because of the uncertainty of his contract situation. Let's see what happens next week.

This isn't really a huge deal for multiple reasons. First off, these are voluntary off-season workouts. While the team would greatly prefer that everyone shows up, not everyone does. As long as guys aren't ballooning up to 300 pounds and shooting cheesecake directly into their veins, I'm not concerned. Heck, even vaunted saint

Second, we knew this would happen. If the team and Grimey are working toward a long-term accord, as most think they are, he can wait it out until the July 16 deadline if he really wants to. Obviously I hope he does not, given the team's need for their best cornerback and given the fact that he'll miss practices and time with his fellow Falcons that every player could really use. But we also knew he was going to hold out as long as possible, or at least until a new deal is done.

So I'm neither stunned nor thrilled with this, but it is what it is. Let's hope the two sides can hammer out an agreement and get Grimes back at Flowery Branch as soon as possible.