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A Predict The Atlanta Falcons Draft Picks Contest

That's right, a contest! With an actual prize...sort of!

Suggested to me by a loyal (?) Twitter follower named @OnTheFenson, this contest involves simply picking the Atlanta Falcons draft picks for 2012. Yes, you can make trades if you want, but be aware that you might be shooting yourself in the foot if you do. Just try to accurately predict what the Falcons will do in the draft and win. Easy, right?

What do winners get, you ask? For starters, a guaranteed slot in next year's Falcoholic fantasy football league, where you'll have the honor of losing to Ball Hawk. Second, you'll get to write an analysis of the Falcons' draft which will be featured on the front page. It's not a million dollars in cash, but it's something for your effort.

So don't wait. Present us with your mock draft and let's see which one of us comes the closest.