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Falcons Quote(s) of the Day: Roddy Sucks at Analogies

Twitter is the devil. And Roddy should delete his account. If you're reading this and you work for Twitter, then please e-mail me. I'll pay you to delete Roddy's twitter account. Read this if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Someone asked him if he'd rather win the SB or lead the league in receiving stats. His reply:

Would u rather be gay or straight come on u know that answer RT You would rather lead the league in stats than win a ...

When the Twitterverse erupted, he had this to say in his defense:

Freedom of speech. I don't care how much money I make. I should be held to my own standards and not the standards of others opinion.

Earlier today, he offered an apology:

Ok people I apologize for saying the word gay I know it's a sensitive subject and a athlete of my stature should not use it

But then he posted this:

This is pretty funny RT its ok. dont be gay and apologize for saying gay. because that'd be pretty gay

If you're contemplating a comment where you bash my editorial prowess or exclaim "who cares?!" then don't waste your time. This is absurd. He needs to stop. Every time a tweet-related controversy erupts, I think to myself, "this can't get any worse." But it does.

I'm a huge Roddy fan. I've argued ad nauseum that his Twitter shenanigans are essentially irrelevant. I've always believed that his performance on the field was the only measure of his value. Yet - for whatever reason - he's more than willing to jump into John Rocker territory. His contributions can't be denied; but nobody, and I do no mean nobody, tarnishes the red and black like he does.

I'm not saying we should trade him, nor should we cut him or suspend him. But for a guy that won't do an interview for a special needs fan because he needs FO permission first, he's all-too-ready to put his foot in his mouth. Then, as if his association I'll repeat my bottom line, because I know this will be misinterpreted. He's not going anywhere, nor should he. But somebody, be it Smitty, Dimitroff, or Blank himself, needs to have a sit down with our WR1.

This kind of behavior is unacceptable. And it can't be tolerated in Falconsland. Either the Falcons brass haven't talked to him or he just doesn't care. The latter scares me. The former worries me.

End of rant.