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Why I Think Hard Knocks Would Be Great For The Team

Mike Smith is more than capable of running the team on a reality TV show.
Mike Smith is more than capable of running the team on a reality TV show.

I've been writing mostly opinionated posts since I started writing for this site a year and a half ago, and this one, well, is no different.

I think Hard Knocks would be great for this team. I have gone on record on this site and said more than once than I felt like the fanbase as a whole had some issues. Not real serious, life altering issues, but issues. The bulk of that stems from how many friggin' away fans come to our games.

I think exposure is what this team needs at this point. Yeah, the Dome sells pretty well during the season and, of course, during the playoffs, but what better way to get a behind-the-scenes look at the team we all love than on Hard Knocks?

Plus, it will help calm our fears about the new coaches, and who doesn't like seeing Spoon?

But I think people are too afraid of what Hard Knocks might do. These guys are professional players who play in front of 60,000+ yelling people every week, all while on national television. What are a few cameras and interviews during practice going to do? The answer is probably nothing different. Plus we get to see the (gasp) human side of our players. I think that's some of the coolest stuff you can do in sports is see the "human side" of people you see on TV. To see players joke and dance around (and get yelled at by Smitty!) and see the linemen get into fights and such is really cool to me.

But the exposure might help bring more fans to the team. Atlanta needs to stop being an everybody city and start being a Falcons city.

Some of us complain about not being a big market team and not getting the exposure we might deserve, well here's our chance. Don't run away from it now!