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Because You Should Know: Our Draft Selections Won't Wow Anyone

Brothers don't shake hands. Brother's hug!
Brothers don't shake hands. Brother's hug!

In this series, I'm tackling some Falcons-specific misconceptions. Feel free to disagree, because you have every right to be wrong.

Many Falcons fans were disappointed with this year's free agency period. We took a "re-sign your own" approach. We didn't cut several players that were seemingly destined for the cutting room floor. We are out of money. While I certainly understand that frustration, expecting a splashtastic draft isn't smart.

But why?!

It's not complicated. There's a simple rationale: it's NOT our style.

Dimitroff has a dream team scouting department, and they've adopted a concrete, proven approach. We draft and develop. We rarely reach and when we do, it's not done without considerable forethought. The Julio Jones trade is an exception to their general rule, though a player of his caliber doesn't come along very often.

We have six picks in this year's draft. And at this point, we only have two picks before the fifth round. That could change on draft day; however, we don't have much draft-related capital to bargain with.

Look, it's perfectly natural to wonder how we get over the one-and-done hump. It takes a lot of faith to overlook those concerns. Blind faith isn't required though, because this isn't a static league. Players improve, coaching changes have an effect, Matt Ryan won't have happy feet forever, Sam Baker's arms aren't that small, et cetera.

Like it or not, the draft won't wow you. It will fulfill it's purpose, and I'm OK with that. You should be too.