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VIDEO: Bobby Petrino Fired, Proving A Deranged Falcons Fan Rules The World

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The Arkansas Razorbacks have fired Bobby Petrino, who once interned as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons for a semester. He got a partial credit. In case you're just now joining us, Petrino was found to have lied to his boss about his state-funded affair -- by which I mean that whole paying his 25-year-old mistress a $20,000 booty bonus to take an Arkansas athletic department job ahead of 158 other applicants.

Falcons fan, you've known as well as anybody (short of a Louisville fan, of course) just what sort of a character Petrino is. Anyone who wasn't clued in has now joined you. But I can't help but wonder about one thing. With Petrino and the Saints both receiving such devastating blows in a single month, should we worry about our insane new Falcons fan overlord? Has he or she gone power-mad?

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The fact that Petrino was fired VIA A NOTE is all the evidence we need, really, that a lunatic Falcons fan has taken control of everything, but you'll agree our crime scene is quite convincing.

Apologies this time around for the video quality, though I was sort of going for that whole "terrible video" thing.

One thing for which I will never apologize is defending the good name of June Jones, and I'll recite to you a stat about Jeff George's career interception percentage outside of Atlanta as evidence if you ever challenge me about this. LEAVE JUNE JONES ALONE, UNHINGED TYRANT OF SPORTS.


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