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Falcons Expected To Make Push For Mario Williams

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Okay, so it's just Jason La Canfora saying so. But still!

This jibes with what I've been predicting for the last couple days, though mine was based more speculation than any real insight. The fact that the buzz about the Falcons being in on Williams has reached this point tells you there's probably a little fire to go with that smoke.

We knocked La Canfora a lot in the last couple of years for his epic man crush on the Saints, but the dude is a good reporter who is dialed in to what's going on in the NFL today. It's the next best thing to hearing about interest from Adam Schefter, who I think is actually an information-gathering robot with a Rolodex full of general managers.

I digress. The Falcons could be and may well be outbid for Super Mario, but the mere fact that they're going to be in on him is encouraging. If the team was content to roll with their current cast of defensive ends, I'd be concerned about Thomas Dimitroff's mental health. There's young, talented players there who could take the leap, but for a team with real playoff ambitions and only one more year of Tony Gonzalez, that's a big risk to take.

Williams has injury issues that the Falcons will need to vet before they sign him, but he's the crown jewel of free agency and an instant upgrade for the team's pass rush that they so very, very sorely need. I don't know how many other ways I can possibly say I support this.

Buckle up, everyone. The next few weeks might just be interesting.