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Falcons Agree To Terms With Running Back Jason Snelling

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UPDATE: D. Orlando Ledbetter is reporting that the deal is three years, $4 million. That's excellent.

Well, I got this one wrong.

The Falcon announced they've re-signed Jason Snelling this morning, likely completing the team's running back depth chart for 2012. They now have Michael Turner, Snelling, Jacquizz Rodgers and Antone Smith under contract for next season.

I didn't expect the team to re-sign Big Snell, but I'm not unhappy that they did. Snelling has been on a fixture on the team for the past five seasons, serving as Turner's primary backup for four of those years. In that time, he's amassed 1,193 yards on 301 carries (a 4.0 average), caught 108 passes for 830 yards (7.7 yards per catch) and scored 12 times. One of those scores was his battering ram impression against the Saints last year, in case you forgot.

Those are perfeclty solid numbers for a backup, and Snelling's ability to block and catch passes makes him an important part of the offense even if Jacquizz Rodgers continues to come on strong. He's also the kind of guy every team wants on the roster, namely a high-character, charity-friendly dude who by all accounts is an excellent teammate. It's impossible to hate this signing, unless the good Comrade lost his mind and gave Snelling $5 million a year.

The Falcons are locking up key reserves left and right. Can't wait to see what the open market brings.