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Time To Vote For Atlanta Falcons For The Madden 2013 Cover

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It's that magical time of year again when we start voting on a field of candidates for the cover of the next Madden game.

By checking out the ESPN SportsNation page—of course ESPN is involved—you can vote for the next athlete to grace the cover of the incredibly popular video game I can't play because my PlayStation 3 is busted. Click on through to check it out.

Why do I bring this up? For no other reason than that I'd like to see some Falcons get recognition again. Matt Ryan had his finest season yet and Julio Jones was a revelation as a rookie, so you could make legitimate arguments for voting both forward. If you really love screwing with people, vote for Matt Bosher.

For those leery about the Madden curse, I fully expect you to cancel out my votes. You did see Peyton Hillis implode last year, after all.

Either way, vote. Let's see who makes it.