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Harry Douglas A Possibility For Arizona Cardinals

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The market for Harry Douglas has been slow to develop, to put it mildly. A slot receiver who isn't Mario Manningham has to live with that curse.

It appears the line's finally getting at least one nibble, though, with Mike Jurecki pointing to Douglas as a potential free agent for the Arizona Cardinals. In fact, he's answering a question about an "underrated" free agent, so that might be worth something.

Jurecki is fairly plugged in to the Cardinals as a reporter and radio personality in Phoenix, so I doubt this is coming out of nowhere. It underscores the idea that teams are at least going to sniff around HD this off-season, though if he's really looking for $3 million a season it'll probably be a fairly small list of teams. After his solid 2011—and teams watching tape will certainly notice his willingness to go over the middle and shiftiness—he's going to do fairly well for himself some here.

The upshot here, though, is that Douglas will probably be heading out unless the Falcons are truly interested in ponying up to keep him around. We'll have a better idea when free agency opens, I think, because I'd be stunned if Douglas didn't hit the open market and get a sense of his value.

Your thoughts?