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Peace Out Homie: Harry Douglas Done as a Falcon?

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In this series, we're evaluating some key free agents, debating whether they'll be back in red and black this fall. Let's be honest, The Comrade will surprise us all. I haven't figured him out. And I doubt I ever will. But in the interim, let's pretend we know what we're talking about and project a bit.

Developing wide receivers isn't a true strength in Falconsland. Sure, Roddy's an elite WR, and we all hope that Julio becomes the WR the team thinks he can be. Then there's Michael Jenkins, Laurent Robinson, et cetera. To be clear, I'm not lumping Harry in with players of that caliber, though injuries have undeniably delayed his ability to contribute. Throw in an inept offensive coordinator, and to be frank, it's clear we haven't seen what Harry can do.

That said, he's had flashes of brilliance. Good enough that's he's likely due a raise next year. And that may signal an end to his time in Atlanta.

Join me after the jump for the top five reasons Harry has played his last snap as a Falcon.

(5) Deep free agent market

Good year to be in the market for a free agent WR. And it's nice to have options.

(4) Koetter

Rest assured, we're going to stretch the field in 2012. Harry was a legitimate possession receiver at Louisville, but I'm not sure if he can do the same at this level.

(3) Kerry Meier + Tony Gonzalez

He's wowed during pre-season games and practice. With Mularkey gone, he may get his chance. Moreover, given how often Matt looks to Roddy, Julio, and Tony, it won't hurt the team if our slot WR has to navigate a learning curve for a while.

(2) $

Only so much of it to go around. Harry made his NFL debut when he was 24 and he's 27 now, which means he's a little old in NFL terms. He'll likely look for 3 million or more a year.

(1) He's pretty good

His DVOA has never exceeded the league average, however, Harry's production doesn't really reflect his ability. The week 9 game against the Saints gave us a glimpse at what he's capable of. In that game, he nabbed 8 passes for 133 yards. I'm not saying he can produce like that every week, but he's an above-average slot receiver when healthy and properly utilized.