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Smith Has Faith In Weatherspoon

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With Curtis Lofton's departure, the Falcons lost one of their leaders on the field. He has only been in the league four years, but each season with Atlanta brought more respect and leadership. Mike Smith recently spoke on this matter in an interview with Alex Marvez on Sirius XM NFL radio, reported on DOL's blog.

Smitty believes that 'Spoon will be a guy they can depend on this season not only for production, but for his vocal nature and poise around the locker room and in games. 'Spoon is entering just his third season in the pros, but he already stands out in the Atlanta organization.

"We lost Curtis Lofton in free agency so there is going to have to be a void filled there, but I think Sean Weatherspoon is ready to step into that role. Sean is a very verbal player and well-respected even though he's only been in the league two years," Smith told Marvez.

I've already informed you guys about my admiration for 'Spoon, but this just makes his impact even bigger. We all know how ridiculous of a player he is, but there's more to him than just his outstanding talent.

'Spoon will be a leader for the linebacking corps and the Falcons defense going forward, making him even more valuable. Atlanta needs players that will step up and rally the troops, and Smith is confident 'Spoon can be that type of guy. So what if he doesn't make the Pro Bowl this season (which I firmly believe he will/should), we know how important he is to this franchise.