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The NFL Draft Is Less Than A Month Away

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Happy days, indeed.

This has been one of the most frustrating off-seasons of my blog-writing career. Fans are justifiably ready for the team to take a big step forward, and it feels like the Falcons are doing nothing of the sort. There's been plenty of backbiting and sniping along the way, and however understandably, the natives are clearly restless. I'm one of them.

The draft is not a cure for that, but it's a reprieve. I've always said the NFL Draft is one of my favorite three-day stretches of the year because of all the promise, the potential for wonderful and unintentionally hilarious picks and because it represents the opportunity for change. In this off-season, for better or for worse, we've largely been confronted with the same.

So over the next few weeks, we'll be revving up our draft coverage and getting going. I know you're excited to hear that.

Discuss the draft, who you think the Falcons will go after and more in the comments.