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Moves The Falcons Might Make: Signing Marcus Stroud

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Reader bischjoe suggested that instead of focusing so much on moves the Falcons definitely won't make, it might be good to look at moves the Falcons are expected to make.

I don't know if the team is expected to sign Marcus Stroud, but enough puzzle pieces fit that you're likely to hear his name connected to the Falcons from a few media outlets over the next couple of months.

Let's look at why this might happen:

  • Marcus Stroud played for the Jaguars under Mike Smith;
  • Stroud used to be a fine defensive tackle/3-4 end;
  • The Falcons are expected to look thoughtfully at their defensive tackle depth this off-season;
  • Stroud will come cheap

I could definitely see the Falcons taking a crack at Marcus Stroud. He could probably be had for relatively cheap, he's got familiarity with Smith and the state (he's a Thomasville native) and he put up three sacks in 2010. Surgery and a staph infection cost him 2011 with the Patriots, but he's back in the game. I still remember when he was a force, but even as a shadow of that former glory he's a useful player.

Then again, how many relatively cheap, aging guys who took 2011 off do the Falcons actually need? Unlike Lofa Tatupu, who is a veteran stopgap starter at a position of need, and Vince Manuwai, who the Falcons are looking at as a possible starter at a weak guard spot, Stroud would be joining a rotation where Jonathan Babineaux and Corey Peters are already the clear starters. Peria Jerry has been disappointing but still has some upside and isn't likely to be let go, and Vance Walker's probably about as useful as Stroud at this point in his career. Does it make sense to bring the big 33-year-old aboard when they could just draft a promising young guy who might have more upside and stick around a lot longer?

Probably not. Interested to hear what you think, though.