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Do We Need Another Wide Receiver?

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I don't think we've discussed this yet. If we have, then I owe Dave another post.

I had a small discussion with Scott Carasik (great guy, by the way, if you're unfamiliar with the name) in which we both bet our souls on whether or not the Falcons had a WR after HD.

The easier argument (Sorry, Scott) is to say yes, we need another receiver because Meier hasn't shown us anything, and Kevin Cone and Drew Davis aren't anything special. That's not to say his opinion is wrong, but I personally don't agree with it.

I don't think we need another wide receiver unless we took a chance at one with one of our 7th round picks or something. I think Kerry Meier hasn't gotten a fair shake thanks to Mularkey's system, where his 4 and 5 "WR" sets were actually 3 WR 1 TE 1 RB all lined up in receiver positions.

I don't know if Kevin Cone or Drew Davis will end up being anything special, but Cone has Julio speed and gives only an inch and 13 pounds to Julio, so he's not small. I think the knock on him was that he was very raw in his route running. Would be nice to see a local kid come out of nowhere to be a good receiver. Unlikely, but anything is possible.

With the departure of Weems, I think it's safe to say either Cone or Davis will take Weems's spot. Weems wasn't used very much in the offense last year, but he did have a few good plays whenever he received the ball. Those plays probably came during Mularkey's Third Quarter Nap while BVG was calling the offense, which would explain the third quarter issues. Nobody was calling the defensive plays for us during the 3Q because Mularkey was napping and BVG was calling the offense. Interesting.

Even if you feel like we need another receiver, chances are they won't be better than Gonzo or whatever RB we trot out there unless we take them in the 2nd round (not happening.)

So really, I think that our draft picks would be better spent elsewhere unless it was a late-round project or some UDFAs. Weems was a UDFA and he did good things for us, but perhaps we kept Cone and Davis around because we knew we weren't going to keep Weems.

Your thoughts?