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Falcons Players Who Would Make Excellent Coaches

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Seeing the Patriots hire former quarterback—and I use that term a little loosely—Chris Simms got me to think about what makes a player a decent coach.

That in turn led me to this post, where I'll be picking your brains to determine which players on the current Falcons roster will someday make great coaches. Your task is to come up with those players who are cerebral, motivation or just plain coachlike enough to make an impact after their playing careers have wound down.

The natural choice for me is Tony Gonzalez, though I suspect he's charismatic enough to go the commentator route. Tony's been around for a very long time, knows the game, is personable and intelligent enough to coach and knows the X's and O's about as well as anybody. He'd be a great choice for a receivers coach and perhaps beyond, if he wanted to be.

If you've got one or two in mind, go ahead and throw 'em out.