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Curtis Lofton's Parting Words

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A sight we won't be seeing again.
A sight we won't be seeing again.

If you haven't read any stories regarding Curtis Lofton recently, you might want to browse some of the things he had to say pertaining to his now former franchise.

I know it was hard for us to believe at first that he was likely headed out of town. Many fans, via social media and blogs, weighed in with a variety of remarks on the situation. Some felt he was a key component of the defense, and there was absolutely no way he should be let go. Others seemed content on moving forward without him.

Whatever the case, Falcons nation certainly appeared to agree that going to the Saints was the ultimate blasphemy one could ever commit. The ire overflowed and the responses poured in with outrage. Many made a point that they now are contractually obligated as Falcons fans to despise Lofton and everything he stands for with his newly found franchise.

While I didn't entirely resent him at first (I understand not every player is committed to the Falcons forever), his snide comments after everything transpired were quite a surprise. You can read the entire article linked here, but I'll go ahead and throw in some of the main quotes.

Lofton said, "I wanted to go to a team that, No. 1, had a chance to win a Super Bowl, had true fans, a great defensive coordinator." Apparently Atlanta is lacking in all three categories, because he "didn't need to visit anywhere else" after his trip to New Orleans.

Fans here were not going to think very highly of Lofton for going to the Saints in the first place, that's just how it goes when you depart to a rival ballclub. But after remarks like these he simply made matters worse. Maybe he was unhappy with Mike Nolan's thoughts about what kind of player he is. Maybe deep down he really hated us all and our city. Whatever the case, he won't have a warm welcome when he returns in 2012.