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Falcons Quote(s) of the Day: Thomas Dimitroff es Caliente?!

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I'm not a Spanish speaker. But the title seemed appropriate, as Dawson Devitt took his time suggesting that The Comrade has somehow underperformed during his tenure.

One of the main points of criticism towards Dimitroff has been his selection of two players in the 1st round that many consider to be busts.

There are really only two point of criticisms for Dimitroff in free agency, with one still being too early to judge.

There’s only been a few [Falcons free agents] head-scratchers to date. The biggest one seems to be RG Harvey Dahl.

[Questionable trades] is another less than objective hindsight criticism, but two haven’t worked out quite as well.

In four years as the general manager of the Falcons, Thomas Dimitroff has yet to hit on one anchor of the offensive line through the draft.

I'll be honest, he takes a fairly objective approach, admitting where he nitpicks while levying valid criticisms here and there. At the same time, I just hate articles like this. There are enough ignorant, ill-informed fans with access to the internet that articles like these cause problems.

For the most part, Falcoholics are enamored by Dimitroff. There are, however, some that questions several of his more infamous moves. In my mind, it comes down to perspective. Jerry may blossom into a gamer, and he may not, but the Baker selection was a high risk proposition from the outset. Edwards and Robinson haven't been horrible, and we had to let Harvey walk. Chris Houston and Laurent Robinson needed to go, and I'm happy they hit their stride, but there's not a single GM in this league that would have seen that coming. Our offensive line has consistently been one of the more efficient in the league, notwithstanding last year's mediocre showing.

Maybe I'm a homer. Actually I probably am. But this all seems very premature and unnecessarily reactive.

What do y'all think? Is this sort of evaluation warranted? Is it just part of the process? Discuss!