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What Game On The 2012 Schedule Are You Most Looking Forward To?

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Now that Peyton Manning has gone to the Broncos, the Saints have been delivered the righteous punishment of the Ginger Hammer himself and there's been some other, less exciting free agent moves, the Falcons' schedule has changed around a bit. Also, that was a hell of a run-on sentence.

Knowing what we know right now, what game are you most looking forward to in the year ahead? It can be one you think will be compelling, one you think the Falcons will just roll over the other team in or either of the Saints games for reasons that can only be described as obvious. Heck, your pick.

Personally, as much as I'm going to enjoy the NFC South matchups as usual, I am looking forward to seeing the Broncos come to the Georgia Dome. Seeing Peyton Manning on his farewell tour through the NFL and having the chance to beat a strong young team and a Hall of Fame quarterback in the Dome would be a hell of a thing. I know i"ll be watching.

Your turn.