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Falcons Quote of the Day: Lofton's Return Inevitable?

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If you haven't heard, the market for inside linebackers has softened considerably over the past couple of weeks. And CBSSports shared this gem today:

There is still no guarantee that middle linebacker Curtis Lofton will return to the Atlanta Falcons, but team officials feel better about the possibilities, given what has transpired lately in unrestricted free agency.

Just so we're clear, that's Pasquarelli talking, and I know some of you have mixed opinions about him. But admittedly, what he's saying makes sense. As good as Tatupu once was, he's no sure thing. I like him as a 3rd down option, but Lofton's run stopping prowess is second-to-few.

It's hard to tell if Lou is just speculating, or if he actually has reliable information. Last we heard, the team had attempted to negotiate a contract, then moved on.

So how do y'all see this playing out? Discuss!