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Is Drafting A Receiver Out Of The Question?

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Since I'm just starting out here, I figured an article inciting controversy would make for a good beginning. An interesting debate on Twitter last night brought this topic to light, one that appears to be quite polarizing to Falcons nation.

Atlanta is clearly set with the first three spots on the receiver depth chart. Yet after HD, things get a little hazy. Kerry Meier, Kevin Cone and Drew Davis are three guys who have all been considered—at one point or another—as players who could potentially step up and make an impact, given more time and opportunities. But, will they be relied on going forward into 2012?

The Falcons don't need to use a second or third-round pick for a WR. A riot would likely ensue shortly after if they did. They could, however, potentially warrant a deeper selection to add more firepower to Matt Ryan's arsenal, an idea some fans seem to be on board with.

Draft projections are all over the place at this point. One thing seems to be certain, though. There are plenty of players with big upside who will likely be available in Round 5 or 6.

A.J. Jenkins and DeVier Posey are two Big 10 guys who made big contributions in college, but still have some areas to improve upon. Jenkins ran a blazing 4.39 40 at the NFL Combine, so he might have boosted himself to at least Round 4. Posey missed the majority of his senior season due to suspensions, but rest assured he was a big factor whenever the Buckeyes threw it his way. Both are listed as fourth or fifth-round picks.

Mr. Falcoholic himself has mentioned the likes of Ryan Broyles in the past. Coming off a major injury, Broyles will likely slide down draft boards. If he recovers well, he would be a late steal in April.

I could go on all day about potential players who will likely be around on day two or three, but you get the point. There are plenty of options for the Falcons at receiver, it just depends on what the Comrade feels is in the best interest of this team.

Atlanta is far from being in dire need of another guy for Ryan to throw to, but some fans believe a little more depth wouldn't hurt. Are you satisfied with Meier, Cone or Davis rounding out the receiver chart, or would you like a different guy to step in? Maybe a young prospect who could also help as a return specialist? I would probably only welcome a sixth or seventh-round pick to be used, but that's just me. What's your take?