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VIDEO: The Sean Payton Time Capsule

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You may have noticed other sites around the SB Nation network starting up their own YouTube channels (right here, under the section TEAM REPORTS*). Today, the mighty Falcoholic joins the ranks. Expect weekly videos from your boy and whichever associates I can round up (maybe you!), but do not expect them to be about which fifth-round guard is best suited for Pat Hill's blocking schemes. Expect them to be more about Pat Hill's facial hair throughout the decades.

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First up, an item on the latest NFC South excitement. While Falcons fans should take no joy in what Saints fans are going through right now, we're all pretty, pretty fine with Sean Payton taking a sabbatical. So here's a time capsule for the coach, who's about to be cryogenically frozen for a year. (Also, apologies for the audio.)

* You can also find more of m'self and Atlanta's own college football superstar, Spencer Hall, right here, should that suit you. We also have Bomani Jones and Amy K. Nelson and Dan Rubenstein and Matt Ufford and so on! Subscribe!

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