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Time For Wild Speculation: Who Will Be Cut?

It may be a while before we see Thomas Dimitroff swinging an axe out there, but we know cuts will be coming at some point. The question is, who's going to get it?

There's a handful of likely cuts, one of which rhymes with Slam Caker, but none set in stone. Slam Caker has gotten several votes of confidence thus far, so it's hard to tell what's smokescreen and what's genuine support. Either way, the Falcons will probably want a little more financial flexibility after they sign their draft picks and should be able to get it in relatively short order. Probably.

So your task, should you choose to accept it, is to talk about who you think will be cut and why the Falcons will make the move. Peria Jerry wouldn't make much sense to cut, for example, because he'll actually cost more if he's cut than retained. You can make your case on that front, but let's make it a smart little debate.

Guess away, my friends. Oh, and a brief little programming note: I'll be traveling and only checking in intermittently over the next few days. Enjoy the styling of Adam, Alex, Caleb and James in the meantime.