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Falcons May Be Winding Down In Free Agency

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Given that free agency stretches on through the spring and summer and fall and winter, I'm probably a little early for this one. Consider this a discussion starter doubling as a reading of the tea leaves.

At this point, I believe the Falcons may be more or less done in free agency. That's not to say that they won't sign a couple more players. In fact, I bet they will. But I think they'll be reserves or competition for starting jobs, and I think they'll come relatively cheap. No more big, familiar names are coming.

The only major free agent left that the Falcons might have any interest in outside of maybe Curtis Lofton would be Marcus McNeill, and I can't get a good read on whether he's actually visiting with the team or not. I'd like to see it happen, myself.

The Falcons will still probably make a few cuts and loosen up the cap space, but it may not be for this season. As others have noted, 2013 is a year where the two biggest name free agents are William Moore and Jonathan Babineaux. A little re-structuring and smart cutting would leave the nucleus of this team intact and give them money to throw around when 90% of the roster is already locked up next season.

This speaks to a belief from the top of the organization to the bottom that the players on the roster are good enough to win if they just have better coaching, something some of our readers have been championing for the past couple of years. It also speaks to a belief in Thomas Dimitroff's ability to crack open the dry bones of the second day of the draft and beyond and get a little marrow out. The rhetoric earlier this off-season does not match the reality, something we're all (perhaps reluctantly) going to have to adjust to.

Who's left to be signed, and do you think the Falcons are winding down?