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Falcons Quote of the Day: Worker's Compensation Like Whoa

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Have you been in a bubble the past few years? If so, that's freaking awesome. If not, you've likely heard about the concussion-related lawsuits many former NFLers are filing. We knew the Falcons would face legal consequences sooner or later. And it appears that the team is taking a proactive approach, trying to limit their legals costs by forcing claimants to seek benefits in Georgia.

Court filings show that an arbitration ruling last month ordered the players to withdraw their California comp claims and pursue workers comp in Georgia based on their contract language. The lawsuit filed in Atlanta seeks to enforce that agreement.

A loophole in the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement allows players to file workers comp claims in states where their teams are not based. In particular, California law allows players to make a claim in California if they have played at least one game in the state.

I realize this isn't free agency-related, and maybe you could care less. But it's important nonetheless. Each former player is different, and I don't think anyone knows how this will all play out. I assume it can and will be costly. This move by the team may limit their legal costs, at least to some extent.