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A Reminder That Tim Tebow Is Not Coming To Atlanta

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While it was met with some understandable incredulity, I thought BigMac1's FanPost made the best possible argument for Tim Tebow in Atlanta. Basically, he argued, Tebow could generate excitement in the city and serve as a useful jack-of-all trades blocking, running and throwing the occasional pass. It would give the Falcons' offense a very different, very interesting look, to say the least.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your perspective, it's not going to happen. The Falcons have no interest in bringing in a gadget player of that ilk. Tebow has no interest in becoming that kind of player one year after starting in the NFL at quarterback. And the Falcons would probably rather use their draft picks and cap space to fill more pressing needs. I'm not covering any new ground here, just recapping arguments made in the FanPost.

More to the point, this team just wouldn't use Tebow. I'm relatively certain Mike Smith would rather die his hair blue and deliver his press conferences in song than take Matt Ryan out of the game for a guy who can't complete 50% of his passes on a regular basis.

There's also the little matter that Tebow's price will be inflated by teams bidding on him. The Jaguars and Jets have more or less confirmed interest, while the Browns and Patriots could use a player like Tebow in a variety of ways. If those teams are willing to give up a fourth round pick, the Falcons are already out.

Where do you think Tebow will end up? My guess is the Jets.