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Falcons Quote of the Day: Are the Falcons Set at Offensive Tackle?

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While Falcons head coach Mike Smith has stated that he's comfortable with Sam Baker and Will Svitek performed adequately last season, many are less-than-content with the state of our offensive line. Is guard the more pressing need? Not if you ask Savannah Morning News writer Buck Belue.

Left offensive tackle is the top priority now. Want to win in the NFL playoffs? Well, you’ve got to win the battle on that left side. And right now, Sam Baker and Will Svitek aren’t going to win many match-ups. Seriously, man. Dimitroff needs to get this spot solved.

Belue goes on to argue that Marcus McNeill is the logical solution. He's scheduled to visit the Falcons soon. The neck injury scares me, as does the investment.

But what say you Falcoholics? Is left tackle our biggest priority at this point? Can we even call it a priority? Discuss! And for Vishnu's sake, be gentle with one another.