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Yeremiah Bell Could Be An Option At Safety For The Falcons

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The other day, I talked about the Falcons needing to fill their backup safety spot. Now Yeremiah Bell has been released by the Miami Dolphins, and there's another option.

As I mentioned, the team doesn't have a ton of options out there. James Sanders could come back, or there's a handful of younger players out there who might be to fill in. Obviously, there's nobody out there that's going to take the world by storm.

And Bell? He's an in-the-box safety who can stop the run but isn't much against coverage, especially at age 34. That's a better fit for strong safety, but the Falcons might be able to move Shann Schillinger over to back up Thomas DeCoud or just use them interchangeably. At minimum, Bell should be able to slot in well with Mike Nolan's defense.

What do you think of Bell?