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The Atlanta Falcons Off-Season Depth Chart

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Despite the inherent silliness of putting together a depth chart when none of your free agents are re-signed, free agency hasn't even opened yet and the draft is still more than a month away, it's still fun to look at who's on the active roster and how things shake out at the moment. D. Orlando Ledbetter has done that for us.

So I thought we'd take a quick look at the depth chart and see what stands out. Some of these guys may be in line for promotions or even starting jobs in 2012, after all, so it's worth our while to discuss. Here's what jumped out to me:

  • Kevin Cone. Cone is listed as Julio Jones' backup, or as the fourth wide receiver on the roster. If Harry Douglas comes back that obviously changes, but there's a decent chance the Falcons won't bring back both HD and Eric Weems. If that happens, I can definitely see Cone sticking around as a high-upside guy who toils on special teams for 2012.
  • If you had any doubt that Dominique Franks would be starting outside if Brent Grimes didn't come back...well, don't. Chris Owens plays better outside, but Franks has more upside over the long haul. Under Mike Nolan, Franks may get a little run outside either way.
  • The running back depth chart features a lot of unproven talent. After Michael Turner, there's just Jacquizz Rodgers, Antone Smith and Dmitri Nance. The Falcons are likely to target a draft pick or a veteran to pair with Jacquizz Rodgers should Turner go down.
  • Sam Baker is listed as the starter based on Mike Smith's comments. I remain convinced this is a smokescreen designed to cover up the team's pursuit of a left tackle, but hey, I've been wrong before.

As always, feel free to suggest what you noticed in the comments and get a discussion going.