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Falcons Quote of the Day: Falcons Limited Lofton's Value?

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Curtis Lofton was a perfect addition to the Falcons franchise. If you recall, we were still in recovery mode when he was drafted. He not only anchored our linebacking corps, he demonstrated high character, all while leading our ever-improving defense.

Notwithstanding what he gave the Falcons, is it possible that the Falcons took something from him? Give this article by PFF's Ben Stockwell a quick read.

Rumors of Curtis Lofton’s contract demands shed some light on the biggest stumbling block, value. Some reports suggested that Lofton was after $9 million per year and for a two down linebacker who has seen his performance dip taking up a three down role, you can understand the hesitance that teams across the league are showing in signing these guys up. These are good players, but if a linebacker can’t be relied upon to play three downs, then they are only taking between 400 and 800 snaps in a season and you can’t lay out that much money for them. Who blinks first will likely come down to the teams losing quality players they know are pivotal to their team. Atlanta may well let Lofton walk; they have a solid front seven that he is just part of.

I do buy into the notion that we asked Lofton to do things he's not necessarily good at. But that's part of the game. It's not that I don't appreciate his sacrifice, but if Stockwell can recognize that Lofton's more efficient as a two down backer, then I'm sure NFL GMs can and will come to a similar conclusion.

Stockwell also seems to overlook the knee issues Lofton had to overcome.