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Peyton Manning Heads To Broncos

I keep the NFL-wide news to a minimum here, but given that this will affect the Falcons in 20102 I thought you might be interested.

The Denver Broncos are reportedly going to sign Peyton Manning to a muli-year deal, which means Manning will be trotting out and screaming out audibles in front of a Georgia Dome crowd next season. It also means Tim Tebow will be traded to another team. Expect this to dominate the headlines for the foreseeable future.

The signing has a profound impact on the AFC, where the Broncos are at least quality playoff contenders in a weak division and at most an early Super Bowl favorite. It also reverberates into the NFC, where the Packers just lost out on a shot at center Jeff Saturday, where an intriguing but not incredibly daunting game against the Tebow-led Broncos just became lethal and where Tebow himself could still land. We'll be sorting out the effects of this for a while.

The Falcons are probably not trading for Tim Tebow. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

So let's discuss this earth-shattering (?) event.