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A Potential Atlanta Falcons Draft Pick: Brandon Thompson

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The Atlanta Falcons love versatility as much as the next team, which is exactly why Brandon Thompson might appeal to them.

Thompson was a force of nature for Clemson, using his incredible power to push back linemen and get after the passer. He's not a technically proficient pass rusher by any stretch of the imagination, but he can play both defensive tackle and defensive end. There's that versatility.

Even if he's not a great pass rusher, he makes up for it with quality football smarts and truly incredible strength. Thompson can bull rush and shove around guards and centers from the inside, and he's good enough to at least put tackles back on their heels if asked to go off the edge. He's a little bit big for a 4-3 defensive end, yes, but the team could line him up there if Mike Nolan decides to present some hybrid fronts. As a defensive tackle, he's a great fit for this football team.

At minimum, he would be a valuable lineman who could help out against the run and contribute as a pass rusher in a rotation. At max, he's the same kind of force of nature he was at Clemson and could step in if Jonathan Babineaux walks away next year or rapidly declines in the near future. The Falcons still do need upgrades along the lines.

The biggest question with Thompson is whether he'll even be on the board by the time the Falcons pick, as he's projected to go anywhere from the end of the first round to the end of the second round. If he should slip down to the Falcons, I think they'd be more than willing to take a shot at him.

What say you?