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The Falcons Need A Backup Free Safety

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It's a relatively small need, all things considered, but the backup free safety position is still one that needs to be filled.

The Falcons got decent production out of James Sanders a year ago and could turn to him again, as last I saw he didn't have much in the way of a market. Haruki Nakamura was a possible option, but he signed with the Panthers not that long ago. Other than that, there's a lot of replacement-level guys and younger dudes who haven't made it. Nothing spectacular.

It is, however, a real need. The Falcons have Thomas DeCoud as a starter who's probably more or less locked in, but they could use a young dude with a little upside or a cagey veteran to play special teams and be ready in a time of need. That could be a draft pick like Harrison Smith or it could be Sanders. Honestly, I don't know right now which one it will be, but that slot has to be filled and the Falcons probably aren't bringing anyone up from the practice squad just yet.

Who do you think the backup free safety will be?