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Mario Williams Signs With Buffalo Bills

It feels slightly better to know the Falcons were never going to be able to come close to the offer Super Mario got from the Buffalo Bills.

Though terms aren't available yet, the Bills are widely anticipated to have signed Williams to the biggest contract ever for a defensive player, at least in terms of guaranteed money. It's also reportedly for six years, so the franchise is hitching its hopes and dreams to his wagon.

At various times, the Falcons were linked to the best pass rusher in this year's draft, as were the Cowboys, Bears, Seahawks, Patriots and perhaps a half-dozen other teams operating quietly behind the scenes. I had hoped the Falcons would be able to free up some cap space and sell Williams on joining a contender, but ultimately the siren song of becoming the highest-paid player and the face of a franchise was too much. It's not particularly surprising.

Now that this is officially over, you should start to see other free agent pass rushers settling down with teams, making it imperative for the Falcons to start schedule some visits unless they're on the cusp of an agreement with John Abraham. No one out there is Mario Williams, but there are upgrades to be had and the market just further clarified with him off to Buffalo.

So that's that. Your thoughts?