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What Would Make You Happy, Falcons Fans?

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Just an open-ended question while we wait for what we like to call "action."

What signing, combination of signing or complete and utter lack of signings would make you happy as a Falcons fan? In other words, if you're mad now, what could the Comrade do to fix it? Anything at all?

For me, here's the list:

  • Add a tackle or indicate an interest in a tackle in the draft
  • Add a pass rusher, even if it's a rotational player like a Mark Anderson
  • Pick up a couple more guys who can at least compete for a starting job with the Falcons at weaker positions, i.e. both lines, defensive tackle
  • Don't spend ridiculous sums of money on players who aren't worth it or don't fit the system being installed

I'm sure you have strong opinions here, so please share yours in the comments. Please, please respect one another even if you disagree.